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Join us Sunday mornings to experience uplifting messages along with some amazing music.

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We are located in Bishop's Woods 1
150 S Sunnyslope Rd  Suite 110
Brookfield, WI 53005

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Sunday Service  10 AM
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George Busateri on keyboard
John Zaffiro on guitar
Tracy Hannemann, vocalist

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 Sunday Series


Recently, Rev. Sue Ellen, has shared that her current Soul Purpose is to experience life in a deeper more fundamental way.  This means "TRANSFORMATION" not just "INFORMATION".  It is time to experience what becoming "available" to life is all about.  With this in mind, Rev. Sue Ellen has created a new Sunday Series called "SOUL VISION".  This series will be based on Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith's book Life Visioning.

Rev. Beckwith takes us beyond positive thinking into our own soul's calling.  He invites us to commit to go deeper.

This particular series will allow us to let go of "what should've, could've, would've been" and find what's calling our soul NOW.  It's time to Activate, Cultivate, and Express the destiny that's locked within each one of us.
"The old paradign of goal setting is broken primarily because it's not coupled with a higher purpose.  People are achieving their goals and then are becoming burned out.  They discover even after achieving those goals that they have not sense of joy or peace.  They just created and manifested the goal with no deeper purpose.  There has to be a higher purpose that pulls us rather than a goal that drives us.  Many people are not in touch with their purpose so they're running around with this deep sense of needing to survive with feeling a complete disconnection to life itself.  Howerver, when they begin to see their purpose, their life viion, the landscape of their mindscape changes.  All of a sudden, they are pulled by a dynamic energy that changes the trajectory of thier life." -- Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith