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 Unity Church Of Light
Chapel In Bishop's Woods
Serving Brookfield &The Greater Milwaukee Area

Minister: Rev. Sue Ellen Kelly
The world is waiting.
Shine your light!
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Sunday Celebration Service
at 10:00 a.m.

This week's message

July 24, 2016


Music: George Busateri on keyboard, 
John Zaffiro, guitarist
Tracy Hannemann, vocalist

Sunday School 10:00 a.m
Each Sunday you will experience an uplifting and inspiring message along with amazing music. 
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life
Church is located in 
Bishop's Woods West I
150 S Sunnyslope Rd Suite 110
Brookfield, WI 53005
(262) 641-7558

New Sunday Series

"The seed that is to grow
Must lose itself as seed,
And they that creep 
May graduate through
Chrysalis to wings.

Wilt thou then, o mortal,
Cling to husks which
Falsely seem to you
the self?
                             -- Wu Ming Fu, 12 century

We too, like the seed or caterpillar must release what was to embrace what is waiting to be born anew in this very moment.  The search is on, whether it seems to come in the desire for a new relationship, a more satisfying career, a nicer home or simply the feeling that you are tired of the life you've been living!  It's truly a wake-up call when you realize that you are living the same day 365 times a year!  When you begin to experience this unrest, this dissatisfaction with the status quo you can bet this comes as an invitation from your very soul.  You have begun to feel "divine discontent" when you know one door is closing or has closed but you seem stuck in a cramped dark hallway.  You cry, "where's my new door or at least my tiny window?  Is there anyone out there who even cares???"

If you've experienced this intense time of discomfort you can be sure it is not by chance and it is not without meaning.  Somewhere deep inside you there is a voice that is shouting, "congratulations!!!"  You've come to the moment of change, the point of all power!  Don't loose heart.  You may feel like you are walking in the fog but the great news is you  are moving even if the direction seems uncertain.  The God that lives within you can use your divine discontent as a divining rod to lead you to your highest good.  You are now at the most interesting and transformative juncture of your journey -- the time when you step out into the great mystery.

In this exciting new series we will explore uncharted territories and support you on your way.